Veganism against diabetes
May 31, 2017

Differences between vegans and vegetarians

People change diet for many reasons – health, religion, spirituality, the inappropriate treatment of farm animals, etc. Today more and more people in the world choose to go totally vegan or vegetarian because they are concern about their health and what changes they can make to promote a better quality of life. The main differences between veganism and vegetarianism are the following:
A vegan diet is based on cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables while meat, fish, seafood, honey, eggs, milk and dairy products are completely excluded from the menu. Also, they do not wear clothing made of fur, wool, bones, leather, coral, pearls, nor any other material of animal origin, and many avoid the products tested on animals.
Vegetarianism is less rigorous diet and includes the consumption of plant foods (cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables) and food of animal origin (milk, milk products, eggs), but not the meat at all.