Vegan Burger is for vegan and vegetarian groups of consumers, as well as for people who do not consume animal-based food for religious or other reasons.

Vegan Burger is not replacement for meat but rather a separate product with its characteristic taste and ingredients.


Frozen Vegan Burger cook in vegetable oil, optionally, at a temperature of 170°C for 5-7 minutes. We recommend preparation in a deep non-stick frying pan.

Vegan Burger is a compact mass of vegetable that during the preparation does not decay, so the vegetable oil can be used several times since it remains clear.




More about Vegan Burger

Ingredients used for making Vegan Burger positively affect the general health condition by providing the proper regulation of the metabolism, regulate cholesterol level, reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease, have effect on good eyesight, protect bone structure, regulate blood sugar level, provide sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it contains soluble diet fibers which have a positive effect on the regulation of digestion.

The product does not contain gluten, so it can be used by people who are not tolerant to it. Regarding the fact that it does not contain soy or any soy products, we can say it is suitable for people sensitive to allergens. From all mentioned above, mainly about health advantages of its ingredients, and final product as well, we can only say that the Vegan Burger is a true elixir for the whole body.

This product certainly does not lack in any essential nutrients, thus representing a complete meal designed for each person, regardless of age, gender, physiological condition and the like. Vegan Burger is a product of acceptable organoleptic properties, easy and quick to prepare and may at any time meet dietary needs. Certainly we will continue to work on improving the ingredients and technology, in order to get even better product, whose use would satisfy the requirements of each group of customers.

Aleksandar Delcev, engineer in technology, Titel, Republic of Serbia.